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Our primary mission is to educate students, but that work also includes transporting students to and from school safely, ensuring students have a nutritional and healthy meal while in our care, and health assistance when necessary.



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PAC Cafe is dedicated to bringing quality breakfast and lunch service every day! 

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The staff plans and prepares 850 meals per day.  Meals are prepared for the MS/HS, Elementary, Catholic School, All Star-T Preschool, and Discovery Daycare.

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Pocahontas Area School District has a Wellness Committee that meets yearly and has a policy that is assessed every three years (last assessed 4/12/2021).  The following departments are on the Wellness Committee:

Superintendent, Elementary Principal, Elementary School Nurse, MS/HS Principal, MS/HS School Nurse,  IT Director, Nutritional Supervisor, Elementary PE teacher, MS/HS PE teacher, Janitor, HS Health Teacher, and Administrative Secretary.


PAC provides transportation to students to a variety of academic and extra-curricular events.  

                 PAC provides WIFI to all school issued computers on our buses.

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