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Fourth Grades Fabulous Four

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

A Sweet Excavation

In Science, students have been learning about identifying evidence from patterns in rock formations and fossils in rock layers to support an explanation for changes in a landscape over time. Students went digging for fossils in a cookie excavation and reported the different kinds of fossils they found at their dig site. Students then used the evidence from their fossils to describe the earth’s landscape during that time. These future paleontologists were very careful with their tools as they chipped away the earth and made their sweet discoveries!

Are We There Yet?

Students were shown images of road signs and exits to determine how far they were from their destinations. The distances on the exit signs allowed students to showcase what they have been learning about fractions. There are always so many strategies and different ways of thinking shared during math. Students often practice solving real-world problems like the one provided in this activity which gives them the opportunity to use 21st century skills such as collaboration, problem solving, building relationships, communicating effectively, and persevering.

Calling on an Expert

We called Tyler, a paleoclimatologist, from Stanford University using Skype to learn more about earth’s changing landscape. He was able to share his expertise on a variety of topics, answer students’ questions and give us a virtual tour of the day in the life of a real scientist. Students were captivated by the information shared during the video chat and did not want to hang up. Did you know Pocahontas was beneath more than 10 football fields of ice only a few thousand years ago!?

Farm Life

In a recent Social Studies Iowa Farming unit, fourth graders used primary sources to learn about the first pioneers finding prairie land in Iowa. The students collaborated and journaled about building and living in a sod house and researched how farming has changed after the invention of John Deere’s steel plow. As a culminating activity, a guest speaker brought in some of the latest technology currently

being used to plant and harvest crops.

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